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Using VITA NuGet Packages

VITA binaries are distributed in several NuGet packages:
  • Vita - contains Vita.dll assembly. Implements core framework functionality. It also contains a driver (provider) for MS SQL Server. This assembly is all you need for an application working with MS SQL as a database server.
  • Vita.Web - contains Vita.Web.dll assembly, which defines a number of classes for integration with Web API stack. It provides functionality like automatic error logging, Web call logs, 'soft errors' handling, base class for BaseApiController that is integrated with Vita framework functionality. Install this package into top-level Web project in your solution.
  • A set of packages named Vita.Data.* - drivers (providers) for databases other than MS SQL Server. There is one package for each driver type: Vita.Data.MySql, Vita.Data.Postgres, Vita.Data.SqlCe, Vita.Data.SQLite. Each driver package depends on original data provider packages, which will be brought in automatically.
  • Vita.Modules - contains optional 'standard' entity modules coming with VITA - Login module, Logging modules, some others. Entity module is a self-contained data-connected component implementing some part of a typical application. For example, Login module implements functionality for secure login - it defines a number of entities (database tables) for storing logins and other information, and implements supporting code logic. If you 'add' a module to your solution, all login tables will automatically appear in your database, and login functionality will be available in your application.

All Vita packages have corresponding symbols package uploaded to These packages allow you to step into VITA source code when investigating a difficult issue. For this you need to add symbolsource site as source server in Visual Studio options:
Detailed instructions are here:

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