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VITA Tutorial


Hi, and Welcome to the VITA Tutorial!

This tutorial provides a basic introduction to VITA features. We progress in several steps, each time creating a new mini-solution showing more and more features of the framework. The source code for the tutorial is included in download zip and in the source repository.

Running the tutorial source samples

  • Create an empty local MS SQL Server database named VitaTutorial. You can use a remote SQL Server, but then you need to adjust the connection string in the App.config file.
  • Open VitaAll.sln solution file, find Vita.Tutorial.csproj project under Samples subfolder, and run it.


It is a simple console application. Once the console opens, follow the prompts. Run code samples 1-5, explore the source code, go step-by-step in debugger. After you run samples, check the database in SQL Management Studio, see the objects created by the sample code, browse the sample data. Each sample uses a separate schema inside the database: part1, part2, etc., so you can compare the results of each sample side-by-side, and see the progress as we move on.


Tutorial Home

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